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In fond Memory of Manjunath (Machan) ...

Manjunath is fondly remembered by his friends as Machan. He was a loving son, a caring brother and most of all was one of the most honest and thoughtful person that we knew. He was a BE graduate from SJCE Mysore 1999 Batch and an MBA Graduate from IIM-L, 2002 batch. His exemplary talents and the warmth of his friendship drew students, teachers and the community alike to him.

He was a courageous leader and joined IOC as a sales manager in 2002 and led their sales tasks in the most honest manner. It appears it was this honesty and integrity that drove him to being brutally murdered on Saturday night November 19th 2005. Sad but this is what our system has cultivated. One honest officer trying to do his job in the right way becomes the victim of the very system he is trying to protect. He is survived by his father, mother, brother and a sister.

In this hour of grief, kind words are a soothing touch. Let us hear from everybody whose lives Manjunath has touched. Please post your condolence messages on this blog and they will be conveyed to his family.

The news magazines carrying articles about Manjunath's demise and any followups to the incident have been listed here and will be updated regularly. Please check the Press Links section below.

We are trying to spread an awareness campaign to obtain justice to him and his family. We are also preparing a petition to ensure the appropriate authorities are urged into getting to the bottom of this incident. Please follow the link to file a signature petition to ensure that authorities do not throw this in cold storage. (Please spread the word around so that we have more people to support this awareness campaign). You can contact us by email.

May his soul rest in peace and may his family find the strength and courage to deal with this terrible loss.

From, All his friends
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